Paris, 2pm

by Nariman Youssef


The city moves you

as it moves me

In long strides soft boots rhythmic ease through pastel

coloured crowds painting lavender fields across acres

of pavement and snow

We go

from café to cinema to umbrella search at utmost speed breathing

without pause for breath you reach for my hand as I find yours

not missing a touch a word a look or a beat

We cascade down the steps to the metro pour fluidly through the barriers

the bodies the plastic posters above invisible lives in ancient tunnels we hover

like water through the cracks in the rocks

we flow

Over daydreams of brassy tunes impressionistic strokes fragrant steam of

morning coffee Japanese food gulping wind frozen on our faces

feeling no hurry no time no cold no need


We are the city that moves me as it moves you


We are the moveable feasts of what we know what we’re about to discover what we forgot we knew


We are urban butterflies with wings of steel scales of glass reflecting sky whites snowy blues


We are unicorns of porous stone galloping through the warehouses the palaces the alleyways of one long afternoon